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Where the Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce shares helpful tips, tricks, articles and resources for the Pierre - Fort Pierre business community. The Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce is an active membership organization that has served the Pierre and Fort Pierre communities since origination as the Pierre Citizens Union in 1881. The Chamber promotes prosperity, growth, and our way of life in the lower Oahe region.

Tourism is a major industry in Pierre - Fort Pierre and capturing your share of our local tourists will help your business thrive. Local sights, seasons, and activities draw visitors from across the country to the area each year, making it a market you should not overlook. The Chamber encourages you to stop in and learn more about our advertising tools that can help you succeed.

While some of us were learning to bake or binge-watching Netflix during quarantine, others, especially those who were away from their regular workplace, were doing something entirely different. The number of new businesses that opened during COVID-19 is, well, a start-up pandemic. Here at the Chamber, we are taking note of how new and existing businesses are taking advantage of the changing economic landscape to serve customers in new and unique ways.

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