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November 2020 CEO Report

November 2020 CEO Report

Economists are saying our economic recovery from this pandemic is forecasted to be K-shaped. (Learn more about this by clicking here.) What this means is not all businesses will rebound sharply. Some will. Others will continue to struggle with staffing, demand, and restrictions. As we push through this crisis people, businesses and organizations alike need to continue to focus on their purpose. To figure out your purpose, ask your business or organization these questions:

  • Who are we?
  • Who are we here to help?
  • What do they need?
  • How are you solving a problem in our community?
  • How can you serve them so they will come to you?
If you know the answers to these questions it is very likely you have seen a difference in what you offer you customers or how you serve them over the course of this year. The relationship with your clients, customers, employees, vendors and community make you an essential element of Pierre and Fort Pierre. We all need you to find your relevance and purpose to recover with growth.

Consumers are becoming much more aware and interested in what your company is here for. They are looking for local hospitality, good customer service, supporting a friend and ultimately, convenience.

The Pierre Area Chamber is hosting three contests for you to get additional exposure over the holidays using Shop Where I Live, Hot Deals and posting your Events. Please get creative and participate, we want our community to gravitate toward local. As always, we are here and just a phone call or email away.

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