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March 2021 CEO Report

March 2021 CEO Report

Looking back over the past three years brings a smile to my face. It was my fortune to meet so many of you, work alongside an incredibly talented and passionate team, and lead an important organization in a community I love. Thank you, every one of you, for this great experience.

This change is not easy, but it is very exciting for me and my family. If you know me at a personal level, you probably know I am very passionate about financial planning. My formal education reflects it with a master's in financial planning. My work history reflects it with experience in banking, retirement planning and insurance counseling. I was approached about an opportunity with the South Dakota Retirement System’s Supplemental Retirement Plan that I couldn’t turn from. While I start my new job on March 1, 2021, I am dedicated to a smooth transition and will continue to be involved in this community as we raise our family in Pierre.

The Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce is a wonderful place to create partnerships, develop relationships and find ways to strengthen the community. Over the past three years, our Chamber has made many mission and member centered improvements, pivoted for worldwide hardship, and remodeled everything from the building to websites. I am so grateful for taking a part in all that change. There are still so many wonderful things to come for the Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce, you will be happy to be along for the ride. Not a member? You can sign up online, or through Membership Director, Katie Johnson.

I’m proud to have served as CEO of the Pierre Area Chamber of Commerce. Thank you, again, for my wonderful experience with this fabulous organization.

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