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June 2021 Pierre Mayor's Report

June 2021 Pierre Mayor's Report

The numbers tell the story, and Pierre’s economy is doing well!

The city is experiencing more than 13% growth in taxable sales since last year; if you just compare April 2020 to April 2021, we are up nearly 22%.

I can’t definitively identify all the dynamics that are providing these positive returns, but I do suspect the COVID-induced commitment to shopping local is helping to yield this local success. With that in mind, I want to commend our local businesses for their resolve throughout the uncertainty the pandemic brought. As Mayor, I was committed to giving our businesses a fighting chance. That’s why the city established safety guidelines that would provide our businesses the opportunity to stay active while providing peace of mind for their customers.

Despite our non-restrictive policy, keeping doors open, finding ways to provide services, and keeping staff was no small challenge. Our business community’s ingenuity and commitment to continuing to make goods and services available in Pierre is noticed and appreciated! My hope is that the people living in Pierre continue to appreciate our local businesses by buying local even as the COVID-19 cloud dissipates.

With several major projects underway in Pierre –think water treatment, Missouri River Bridge, wastewater treatment plant, a new outdoor pool, and major street construction – I expect our economy to continue to be strong for quite some time. These infrastructure investments are a boon to the local economy. The construction brings additional people and activity into our community, and those people need places to stay, food to eat, and activity to be entertained.

Of course, customers are only part of a successful business equation. Now, more than ever, we need employees! A drive down our business district or a quick flip through the help wanted ads will tell you, we need more people in our workforce.

If you have some extra time on your hands, please consider picking up a job. Our community needs you! Likewise, if you have a child who is of working age or a friend that has time to burn, encourage that person to pick up a job.

At the city we have about 20 part-time and full-time jobs open. Especially with our seasonal positions, we are willing to be flexible. In the current environment, we are happy to get someone for a couple of hours a day. I’m certain other employers are making similar accommodations to work with prospective employee’s schedules.

Let’s keep the positive momentum in our community pushing forward! Thank you for supporting our businesses –keep up the good work!

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