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January 2022 Fort Pierre Mayor's Report

January 2022 Fort Pierre Mayor's Report

Looking Back at 2021

As I write my last column for the year, I am tempted to leap forward into all the exciting things coming up for 2022. But it’s also important to take a look at where we’ve been and what the good folks in Fort Pierre have accomplished in 2021. Here are some high points:

REVENUE. I hate to put money in the #1 spot, but a city can’t do much without it. Revenue, in all categories (sales tax, BBB, and occupancy tax) have all exceeded budget projections. In fact, the sales tax receipts the first 9 months exceeded the 12-month projections.

STREET PROJECTS. Thanks to a nice, long fall and good weather, we were able to complete the three projects:  2nd Street, School Alley, and Rowe Lane. The last two were funded with TIF revenue, and fulfilled a long-time desire to improve our downtown area.

NEW AND EXPANDED BUSINESSES. Through ribbon cuttings and open houses, we celebrated Floyd’s Trucking’s expansion and new Kubota dealership; Shane’s Pharmacy’s beautiful new building; and Fun Time Rentals. Coming up this spring we will cut ribbons for Bad River Furniture’s big new warehouse, new office buildings at AGE and Morris, as well as Teton Arms Gunsmiths’ new location.

REDISTRICTING. With the completion of the 2020 Census, it became obvious that our City’s growth created some population inequity in the three Wards. Ward 1 had 450 registered voters, Ward 2 had 506, and Ward 3 (to the far north) had 670. With the assistance of the staff of the Central Enhancement District, we created several options for the Council to consider. The one that was adopted equalizes the numbers without making any changes in the incumbent council members’ representation. A copy of the new map will be available on the web site after it becomes effective January 1.

EVENTS. Fort Pierre wouldn’t be Fort Pierre without our events. From multiple big rodeos to horse races, from Trader Days and 4th of July activities and First Thursdays, our little City hosts thousands of visitors. None of these events would be possible without a multitude of dedicated volunteers, a talented and helpful City staff, and leadership from Fort Pierre Tourism, Fort Pierre Chamber, Fort Pierre Development, and Stanley County Fairgrounds. It truly does take a village.

Next month, I’ll focus on plans and priorities for 2022. In the meantime, you have our warmest wishes for a blessed Christmas holiday, and a safe and fun New Year.

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