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February 2022 President's Report

February 2022 President's Report

One of the things that I love to do during my free time is photography. As a self-proclaimed amateur, I have spent countless hours of research by way of google and the good old fashioned trial and error to try and get a little bit better. Overall, I love the sense of adventure when it comes to trying to get a memorable shot.

However, to me it’s more than just snapping a photo. I want to escape the normal and capture something unique. To do this effectively, I have a small bag of various lenses along with no reservations when it comes to getting a little dirty. Various lenses have different purposes which can yield different results. From wide angle, to zoom and everything in between, there is bound to be a lens while lying on the ground to get what I am looking for.

So where am I going with all of this? Yes, the Pierre area offers a wide range of beauty when exploring the outdoors. But it also has a nice variety of local gems that we sometimes miss. If we continually focus on the same thing with the same lens, we are sure to miss out on discovering something new. By seeing through a different lens you might focus in and see detail that you never saw before or maybe get a wider view, bringing something new into play.

Have you ever seen an Oahe Capital’s hockey game at the Expo Center, ice level? Or maybe a local play production? Walk, jog or Bike on a different trail. Go down the slide in the Aquatics Center (you’re never too old). Or try out a new item at a restaurant? The list could go on.

As we push into 2022, my goal is to experience our local community with a different lens and I hope you do, too. We already know that the Pierre area is such a great place to live, work and play; but you might be surprised to discover some hidden gems or a new passion as well.

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