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December 2020 Pierre Mayor's Report

December 2020 Pierre Mayor's Report

The holidays are here –the season of giving!

As you’re thinking about what you’re going to wrap up for your loved ones this year, I offer a couple of recommendations.

First, think about the gifts you can purchase here in town. Presents bought in Pierre are not only great for the receiver, they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Every dollar spent locally turns over an average of seven times in the community. That means it helps out another handful of businesses and feeds into our local quality of life. The businesses benefit from the profit piece of the sale, and your ongoing benefit comes from the tax piece of the sale. Remember, local sales tax funds your streets, parks, and police.

With the exception of a little discomfort, my second recommendation costs you very little. Give a gift to yourself and to your community by following the COVID-19 safety guidelines. That means washing your hands often, staying home when you’re sick, social distancing, and wearing a mask when you can’t social distance.

I too enjoy holiday gatherings, grazing through a buffet of holiday cookies, and handing out hugs and handshakes to all the friends and relatives I only see during the holidays. But this year, I’m committed to giving my family and my community the gift of safety. I wear a mask when I’m in retail businesses. I wear a mask when I visit my parents. I wear a mask when I’m around people with compromised immune systems. And I wear a mask when I can’t social distance.

I recommend and encourage you to do the same; give the gift of a healthy holiday season.

Enjoy your holidays and stay well!

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