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December 2020 Membership Report

December 2020 Membership Report

I have so many good memories of growing up in Pierre, and especially the holidays. My parents moved to South Dakota from Washington/Montana when I was a newborn, leaving their own families in Washington for a new start. It was just us five Hartford’s in South Dakota. I know my parents missed their families during the holidays; they only went back to Washington every other year and seldom did we have Washington family come visit us. Maybe that is why my parents made our holiday festivities so special growing up. Birthdays, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and sometimes just a Friday night were all reasons to celebrate.

Mom usually worked on Christmas Eve, my sister and brother would come home from college and we would all meet in the back room at Klocker Furniture for lunch. In later years mom had decorated the Chinese Restaurant downtown, and we were invited to celebrate Christmas Eve with the owners and their family. This turned out to be the next tradition, and one that is still carried out by my sister and brother. That evening we would get to open one gift before bed. I always hoped it was something great…and it always was.

Christmas morning mom and dad would be woken by three very anxious kids who wanted to open their gifts and see what Santa brought. We knew better than to go downstairs on our own; mom and dad had to start the coffee, plug in the Christmas tree, and turn on the music. Santa’s gifts didn’t come wrapped at our house so we would sit at the top of the stairs waiting for the ok to come check out the goods! We would take turns opening gifts one at a time. I remember thinking it took soooo long for my turn. Later that day mom and dad would make a big meal and we would sit by the fire and play Spite and Malace. So many good memories and so many traditions.

Christmas might look different for everyone this year, but I challenge you find the bright spots in the holiday and make great memories and possibly some new traditions! 

Merry Christmas!

Katie Johnson
Membership Director

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