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April 2022 Chairmen's Report

April 2022 Chairmen's Report

I’m sure we have all heard of the age-old half empty or half full glass question. If you answer saying it’s half full you, are considered to be an optimist with a positive attitude; and if you say its half empty, a pessimist or have a negative outlook on life. It seems like a simple question with a pretty straight forward answer.

My response: it’s half empty. Whoa. Shocking, right? It usually throws people off as it isn’t the typical response. For me, if I’m not drinking the Kool-Aid, I’m sharing it. The glass never just sits waiting to be topped off. So, instead of looking at it from an optimist or pessimist point of view, how about we see it as an opportunist would?

Where am I going with this, keeping community in mind? I always say, take care of you first. Just like on an airplane; if the oxygen mask drops down, put it on and then help the person next to you. There are many local businesses here that are focused on making you look, feel and live better. There are also a lot of local non-profit and other organizations that could use your help to assist others. We all have talents and the ability to do amazing things. There are opportunities all around us. This might be helping to pack boxes at Feeding South Dakota, donating blood or volunteering to help coach a youth program to name a few.

As we continue to press on in 2022, be sure to look locally to find opportunities to better yourself and those around you in our community. If you’re like me and see your glass half empty, it’s probably because you are taking care of yourself and lending a hand to those in need. Stay thirsty friends.

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